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Jerry Van Rooy

Principal/Design Director

We live in such a fast paced world; it seems most attainable objects are mass produced, of average quality and very common in appearance.  Jerry has always had an appreciation for the idea that a craftsman created with his hands a unique object of desire for his clients or friends.  With this idea, each of his projects are unique and detailed on a per client basis.  The result of that time spent is outstanding quality and originality that is unique the clients personality and brand.


Jerry was born and raised in Southern California by a Dutch father & an American mother.  Having Dutch roots he began his travels young to many countries throughout Europe, realizing his intrigue with product design, architecture, fine arts, and culture.  After several years of architectural studies he decided to pursue a more versatile education in industrial design (product design and development), graduating with a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Long Beach.


With over 13 years of design experience, Jerry has created products for several furniture and lighting manufacturers, such as Architectural Area Lighting, and Mattel.  He prides himself on being very hands as a designer, craftsman, fabricator and project manager.


Jerry deeply understands lighting psychology and how it affects all aspects of the guest’s experience. Using the correct lighting types and layouts to create the "mood" has made him a valuable asset in creating the desired bar, restaurant, or hotel experience.  Influenced by the emotional energy that is created by interacting with beautiful spaces and objects, Jerry has a distinctly honest sensibility while bringing a timeless quality to a hectic world.  With precise planning and attention to detail, he continually produces ideas that evolve and illustrate his commitment to quality, innovation and style. 


Since creating VANROOY design, Christine and Jerry have made it their passion to work with independent restaurant and bar owners.  Providing them the tools they need to stand out in an ever changing hospitality landscape.  They created an alliance of professionals in branding, graphics, marketing, food consulting, menu development & business development … who all work together to create kick-ass establishments.


In addition to fulfilling his responsibility in the studio as the design director, Jerry is currently creating one-of-a-kind furniture and lighting for VANROOY design custom hospitality projects, private labels, homes, hotels & restaurants worldwide.

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